Ambition to serve organically grown and naturally prepared food

Prashant Uchil
Prashant Uchil

We are so focused on making money that we rarely pay attention to our eating habits. Healthy eating is more than just a necessity for the body; it is a way of life. Nutritious food nourishes both the body and the soul. In today’s world, I’ve discovered that people aren’t eating healthy food because they don’t have reliable options. This thing inspired me to start an agribusiness to serve people healthy and tasty food. I enjoy spending time in nature’s lap. The peaceful sound of trees and rivers fills my soul with joy. Living around nature was always my dream, said Prashant Uchil.

Prashant Uchil
Prashant Uchil

Prashant Uchil is a coconut farmer from the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. He uses Raheja Solar Dryers to make 100% natural dried coconut, which is further processed into pure and naturally made cold-pressed coconut oil. He said, after working in MNCs for 13 years, I started an agri-business to spend time with nature and serve nutritious food to people.



”After deciding to start an agribusiness, I realized that there would be many challenges ahead of me. The major challenge was drying the coconuts. I want to increase my production, but the natural drying process generally takes ten to twelve days. I did a lot of research to reduce the drying time, and Raheja Solar dryers met all my requirements. In March 2020, I installed a 20 kg solar dryer at my farm in Ratnagiri. It has proven very beneficial and helped me to increase my production. In 2021, I installed two 40kg solar dryers because of the outstanding results”.

Production increased by 25%.

The natural drying process takes ten days to dry coconuts. We could only prepare three batches in a month. With the help of the advanced solar dryer technique, we can dry coconuts in just five to seven days. Now we can easily prepare four batches in a month. Raheja Solar dryer is helping us and our production increased by 25%.

Prashant UchilNatural taste is my USP

Solar drying preserves the taste and aroma of the product and this is the main reason people adore my Coconut oil. My friends and family enjoy the oil’s aromatic fragrance. It is tasty and healthy because the nutrient content remains constant in the solar drying process. I serve clients in cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi.

My dream is to serve the healthiest food 

I adore both fitness and nature. Agriculture is also like therapy for my mind. I feel happiness in agriculture activities. I believe that food also works as a therapy for people. Eating the right foods can help them avoid many diseases. My ambition is to serve people with organically grown and naturally prepared food.

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