Catholic Church Joins Forestry Commission to plant trees in Jukwa Krobo

Forestry Commission
Forestry Commission

The Catholic Church at Jukwa Grotoo, in the Twifo Hemang-Lower-Denkyira District joined the Central Regional Branch of the Forestry Commission (FC) to plant about 1,200 trees to mark the Green Ghana Day project.

Forestry Commission
Forestry Commission

The move by the church was to fulfill its responsibility of supporting and contributing towards national development.

It is also in line with the social teaching of the Catholic Church that required that nature is cared for and protected as the Lord nurtured humankind and cared for humanity.

Reverend Father Stephen Amoah Gyesi, Director of Caritas, Social,  Economic Development of the Cape Coast Archdiocese said trees were important in all aspects of life.

He encouraged the members of the church to take diligent care of the trees planted and ensure they matured fully to benefit all.

Revered Amoah-Gyesi said: “We should not plant for planting sake, but protect, nurture and ensure they grow for the desired purpose to be achieved and called on the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to support by providing resources to ensure the continuity of the greening Ghana initiative.

The Director of Caritas, Social, Economic Development of the Cape Coast Archdiocese called on religious bodies to take advantage of the initiative to fulfill their mandate to preserve the earth.

Mrs Cynthia Okine, the Cape Coast District Manager of the Forest Service Division said the success of the project will require the collaborative efforts of all and urged stakeholders to use their influence to get their people on board.

She also appealed to the public to be interested in tree planting and protection and see the exercise as part of their civic responsibility to make the country greener.

Mrs Okine said trees played an essential role in the lives of humankind and therefore, their sustainability must be the concern of everyone.

She revealed that about 80 per cent of trees planted last year were doing well and gave assurance that mechanisms were being developed to curtail the challenge of losing the trees planted.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, on March 1 this year, launched the second edition of the Green Ghana Day with a target to plant at least 20 million trees and with 10 million expected to be planted in degraded forest reserve compartment across the country.

By Victoria Agyemang, GNA


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