Exploring Sesame market in Nigeria


SesameThe sesame industry is valued at over $303,123,844, Sesame is used for the production of biscuits, bread making, sesame bars, and most importantly sesame oil for cooking; used in medicine for treating ulcers and burns, used in making aerosols, and in manufacturing margarine, etc.

Coupled with having a large market size and sesame in abundance, Nigeria is yet to fully utilize the benefit, and wealth of sesame processing due to low processing capacity.

Welcome2Africa International is inviting foreign processors and manufacturers to join its Agri-Entry Program, that provides the necessary backing and Increases speed to market with minimum investment.

Simply register for the W2A Agri-Entry program at https://lnkd.in/d4t742Mj

Credit:Welcome2Africa International (W2A)


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