Food prices soaring in Tamale Metropolis

food items

Food prices keep soaring in the Tamale Metropolis as prices for the month of April shoot higher compared to prices in the last two previous months. 

food items A bowl of wheat, which was sold for GH₵30 in March, is now selling at GH₵35, while a bowl of gari, which was sold last month for GH₵17, is now going for GH₵20

Last month, a bowl of local rice was GH₵13, however, it shot up to GH₵16 in this month of April.

A bag of millet which was sold for GHc590 now sells at GH₵640, while a bag of maize is now sold in Tamale at GH₵320 and groundnut going for GH₵640.

A bag of dry pepper is going for GH₵400, while the only legume, beans which witnessed slight reduction in price, has a bowl going from GH₵25 to GH₵22.

Soybean gained slight price upward to sell at GH₵12 a bowl this month from GH₵11 last month.

By Comfort Sena Fetrie-Akagbor, GNA


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