Ghanaians patronize Akple festival

Ghanaians patronize Akple festival

The second edition of the local food party “Akple festival” took revellers back into time with amazing good tunes from the Adaha Dance Band.

Ghanaians patronize Akple festivalAfter missing out on the 2021 edition due to Covid-19, “Brand with Echiri”, organisers of the food festival staged a massive comeback and attendees at Mmofra’s Place could not have asked for a better time to experience Ghana’s rich culture than on Sunday, March 6.

The second edition of the festival focused on reminding ourselves of the once upon a time fraternity that goes with the Ghanaian tradition of togetherness until the advent of Covid-19 and brings back the memories, hence the theme “Eat large, party hard”.

The open-air event started with patrons trooping in to buy their favourite local dishes. Clad in their brand uniforms, over 30 vendors participated in the festival to sell different local dishes including Akple with a different accompaniment like Abobi Taadi, Fetri and Ademe which seemed to be the people’s favourite at the festival.

Others were kenkey, Kokonte and other local drinks to support the dishes.

Mr. Ebenezer Echiri Mensah, Team Lead for Akple Festival, Ebenezer Echiri Mensah, emphasized the need to embrace our culture in every way that makes it unique for international export.

“Ghana has rich traditions, and we can’t afford to hide them in the tunnel. Our job is to sell Ghana, especially to the outside community, and we are committed to this course.

“The Akple Festival seeks to celebrate our culture in the roots of authenticity and the dream is to send the festival outside the perimeters of the country to promote Ghana in the diaspora,” he said.

The festival saw the Ezordzinam Fafali Borborbor Group take the floor to serenade the environment. It was an exciting time for the patrons.

Patrons who have been enjoying some good times at the festival with many activities like the Akple eating competition plus other exciting games from luxury recreations were thrust into the highest level of excitement when the Adaha Dance band took the stage to perform.

The music group announced their presence with the National Anthem to celebrate Ghana’s 65th Independence Day. What took the crowd into a moment of total bliss was their performance of King Bruce’s Queen Elizabeth and other old tunes taking patrons back to the independence era.

It was more than an experience to see the group on stage performing back-to-back hit songs from back in the days to current songs for three hours which got everyone jumping and singing along in a very memorable festival.



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