Gob3 gaining fast popularity


Gob3 is a Ghanaian food made of Gari and beans, and therefore the name gob3 is a combination on Gari and beans. This Ghanaian food which is considered very nutritious is trending on some social media platforms.

Gob3It is believed that the trend started when Sam George, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, in an attempt to describe the current economic hardships, said that many of the youth can no longer afford three square meals.

The Member of Parliament said a large number of people have resorted to eating gob3 as their only meal for a day, describing the situation in a cynical way, he said the youth have developed what he described as formation 0.1.0.

He explained that people are not able to afford eating in the morning, afternoon and evening and so they eat gob3 only in the afternoon with plenty of gari which sustains them till the next day.

After Sam George’s pronouncement, which was shared on many social media platforms, with people showing pictures of themselves eating gob3 or pictures of gob3.

There are a list of popular gob3 joints or eateries, where people are likely to get sumptuous gob3.

Gob3 is also known as yoo ke garri or “red-red” which refers to the same thing Gari eaten with beans

Gari (garri) is a fine to coarse granular flour of varying texture made from cassava roots. Cassava is cleaned after harvesting, grated, water and starch squeezed out of it, left to ferment and then fried either in palm oil or without palm oil and serves as a major staple food in West Africa

In the past, Gob3 was considered as one of the cheapest foods around even though nobody compromised its nutritional value.

Beans are high in protein and the beans usually goes with a pepper, tomatoes and red oil.

These days gob3 is garnished with all kinds of vegetables and spices, for instance people add avocado pear and eggs to gob3, others garnish the food with various kinds of vegetables and eggs.

Usually, lovers of gob3 also accompany the food with fried ripe plantains.

A story has popped up online that one Victoria Anyediventor from Adagbledu (Volta Region), is credited for discovering”gob3”.

After Sam George’s popular gob3 pronouncements, a video popped up on social media, where an interviewer was asking someone about who is important, a Doctor or a Banker and the interviewee said it is the gob3 seller.

Gob3 is fast becoming a favorite of many, one cannot be particularly definite whether to attribute the gob3 trend to the MP’s pronouncements or the economy since gob3 is believed to be more affordable and filling compared to eating waakye or kenkey.

People report on social media that the queues for buying gob3 is increasing.

Some Ghanaian celebrities have also taken to social media to reaffirm their love for gob3.

It is clear that gob3 is gaining some really fast popularity and so I ask, is gob3 part of your meal formation for today?

A GNA Feature by Hannah Awadzi


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