High taste for foreign goods affecting local production

Social Chief Imports

Government has been urged to devise pragmatic and practical strategies to strengthen the capacities of farmers to help increase the local production of food items.

Social Chief ImportsAlhaji Ahmed Osman, National Vice President of the Council of Fulani Chiefs, who made the call, said the present economic woes of the country was as a result of high rate of importation and demand for foreign goods, especially food items.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Kumasi, he said the high taste for foreign goods was seriously affecting local production and the urgent steps to control that would be better.

He mentioned food items such as poultry products, rice, tomatoes and others which were imported in high volumes and said it was important the government instituted measures to encourage the importers to venture into local production to safe the local currency.

Alhaji Osman said, though the government was doing everything possible to ensure economic stability of the country, efforts should be made at reducing the importation of goods that could be produced locally.

He also advised Ghanaians to have a good taste for local produce and patronize them to restore confidence in the Ghanaian economy.

By Muyid Deen Suleman, GNA


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