Impact West Africa Fellowship program 2024

Impact West Africa Fellowship program

Deadline:14th June 2024

The Aspen Global Innovators Group, in collaboration with the Senegal-based, international advocacy, public affairs, and campaigns firm Niyel, launched the Impact West Africa Fellowship program.

Impact West Africa Fellowship program This initiative aims to elevate the voices of leaders with proximate and lived expertise by providing a fellowship experience that centers the expertise of West African leaders. The inaugural Impact Fellowship program was launched in Senegal in 2023, opening an exciting and unique avenue to develop a new generation of powerful African development advocates, in order to advance Africa’s own development priorities. This program will spotlight advocates from French-speaking and English-speaking West African countries, highlighting West Africa’s Francophone and Anglophone key issues. Fellows will be individuals with a proven passion for advocacy and solid track records in activities related to improving lives and influencing meaningful change across the West African region.

Program Components 

The Impact West Africa Fellowship program equips changemakers from the region with the skills and support needed to tackle common challenges that affect close to half a billion people across the region’s 17 countries. Each Impact Fellow will participate in an intensive 12-month journey to help them advance their individual advocacy goals. Throughout the year-long program, Fellows continue their professional commitments while receiving tailored mentorship, attending two immersive convenings, and participating in quarterly online training sessions between convenings.


Network – As a Aspen Global Innovators Group fellow, you will gain access to a global network of around 300 like-minded innovators, experts and champions. This community provides a space to form connections, collaborations and opportunities for partnership, helping foster growth and impact on a global scale.

Visibility – By participating in the fellowship, fellows will have the ability to participate in various platforms, events and initiatives where they can gain exposure to key stakeholders, funders, and policymakers, amplifying the reach and recognition of their work.

Peer Support – Our fellowships offer a supportive environment where fellows can freely exchange ideas, share challenges and offer mutual support. Having this peer-to- peer interaction is integral to creating a culture of learning, resilience, and collaboration, empowering fellows to navigate complexities and drive meaningful change together.

Knowledge Building – By participating in workshops, seminars, curated content and curriculum, fellows get the opportunity to deepen their understanding of pressing global issues, emerging trends, innovative solutions, equipping them with the skills and resources to catalyze equitable transformations in health and development.


  • Applicants must be a citizen of and reside in a West African country
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a passion and commitment for advocacy that addresses one or more key issues affecting the West African region
  • Applicants must have access to reliable internet connection
  • Applicants must be able to participate throughout the entirety of the program
  • Have organizational support, in the form of a letter, to fully engage in the fellowship experience

Selection Criteria

Impact Fellows will be individuals:

  • Who demonstrate a passion and commitment for advocacy that addresses key issues affecting the West African region
  • Have a solid track record of using bold, innovative ideas that contribute to improving the lives of the individuals within the communities they serve
  • Have a clear vision of how their initiatives will demonstrate impact and transformative change
  • Have a proven record of leadership and accomplishment in business or entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and/or public/government service
  • ​Have a strong desire to strengthen their communication skills to advocate for change through storytelling, speaking engagements and written communication
  • Have a commitment to use the skills gained from the the fellowship to strengthen their organization and the movements that they serve
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to coalition building or have strong collaborative skills
  • Have organizational support, in the form of a letter, to fully engage in the fellowship experience
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