Is regenerative farming just fancy greenwashing? 

Is regenerative farming just fancy greenwashing? 

Is regenerative farming just fancy greenwashing? 

To keep the climate from changing beyond liveable conditions for human kind, business as usual will not cut it. Not in electricity production. Not in industry. Not in transportation. And certainly not in agriculture and the way we make food. This sector is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses – together with forestry and other land use, agriculture is responsible for approx. 25% of all human-created GHG emissions (IPCC report).

Is regenerative farming just fancy greenwashing? Therefore, the agri food sectors have a vital responsibility in alleviating the next generations’ pain they will be exposed to because of erratic and extreme weather conditions. Today, this sector has to invest into solutions that provide our booming world population with a diverse basket of nourishing foods grown in a way that makes our soils healthy again, minimizes fresh water use, and compensates fairly all those laboring people who grow the food we eat.

Think about this: The way we grow our food is disempowering farming communities – 2.6 billion lives are directly linked to agriculture, 74 per cent of which are the poorest of the poor. Intensive agriculture has left behind degraded lands while encroaching into the remaining and retracting forests of our planet. Our current food system is outdated, broken, and delivers the wrong results – it delivers a Nutritional Paradox.

A big part of WhatIF Foods is to bring back life to the land, to the communities, to the farmers, to our bodies by changing what we eat.

It is no longer about sustaining a broken status quo. It’s about restoring. We do our part by empowering farmers to adopt regenerative practices and embrace the powers of under-utilised crops to preserve arable lands. We bring new markets to farmers so that they can grow crops on land that is unproductive today. This new lifestyle is about regenerative principles – replenishing our well-being, restoring nature, and reconnecting with ourselves and our communities. ⁠

In collaboration with The Pond Foundation, we are on a sustainable journey to build, from the ground up, a value chain that embodies the REgeneration. Scott Poynton has been building an incredible local team and is opening partnerships with smallholder farmers across 25 communities to co-create actions as part of our REgenerative agriculture project with WhatIF Foods.

The REgeneration is not just some fancy word we like to shout about to make sense of our products. It represents a lifestyle reflecting a set of attitudes, values, and world views that would influence an individual’s behavior towards replenishment instead of depletion, restoration instead of degradation, and reconnection instead of disconnection!

Not only as consumers, but as inhabitants of this planet, we have a part to play in REgenerating our world.

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