Save Ghana launches project to solve farmer-herder conflict

nomadic herdsmen

Save Ghana, a Non – governmental Organization (NGO),  has launched an eight-month project  in Tumu to solve conflicts between nomadic herdsmen and farmers.

nomadic herdsmenThe project, dubbed: “Strengthening Capacity and Evidence-Based Action” (SEA Action), also aims at creating a sustainable peaceful co-existence between farmers and the Fulani community, reduce farmer herder conflicts, strengthen local conflict management structures and smoothen cordial working relationship between security agencies and the Fulanis in the Upper West Region.

The project, with support from the European Union, is expected to be implemented in 40 communities across three administrative Districts and Municipalities, namely, Sissala East Municipality, Sissala West District and the Wa East District.

Mr Sule Dintie, the team leader for Save Ghana, speaking to participants at the launch of the project, said the project was expected to establish and train 20 functional conflict rapid response teams and establish 40 conflict resolution structures in each of the project communities, organize district level project dialogue and review meetings for key stakeholders, including security agencies.

He said the project would also liaise with security agencies to embark on community-level sensitization on conflict and early warning signs, prevention and appropriate response mechanisms through radio programmes to periodically share security tips with citizens and obtain feedback from the citizens.

Mr Thomas Tendangrubil, Grants Manager for COGINTA Ghana, an NGO in Upper West region, said the main objective was to prevent electoral violence in the Northern borders and provide security by coordinating and strengthening government and NGOs in efforts to prevent violent extremism actors in the Northern part of Ghana.

He reminded everyone to take security seriously and avoid stereotyping, marginalization and perception, which had the tendency of disintegrating the country.

Mr Tina Amadu, a participant, who spoke on behalf of the Fulani community, expressed gratitude to the NGO and pledged that the Fulbe community would support the project to achieve its intended purpose, adding that “This is the first time we participated in a stakeholder forum like this to discuss sustainable peaceful co-existence intervention for mutual benefit”.

Speaking on behalf of the Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive, (MCE) Mr Doha Sumaila, the Presiding Member of the Sissala East Assembly, said there had been peaceful coexistence between different clans, ethnic groups and tribes in the municipality, adding that “the assembly would continue to protect the peace that we have maintained and live in harmony and use the meeting to harmonize our co-existence”.

Madam Ayisha Batong Hor, the Sissala West District Chief Executive (DCE), urged all the participants to be ambassadors of peace and champion the national security alert initiative.

Participants of the meeting included; the MDCEs, Leadership of the Fulbes, Chiefs, Presiding Members, NIB, Ghana Immigration Service, the Ghana Police Service, Dept. of Agriculture, Sissala Youth Forum, Regional Peace Council, COGINTA representatives, the Media, Assembly members.

By Mohammed Balu, GNA


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