Tree Aid plans to plant 150,000 trees

Tree Aid

Tree Aid, under the Bongo Afforestation Project , has planned  to plant 150 thousand trees of various local seedlings  in 20 communities in the upper East Region  this year.

Tree AidMr Jonathan Nyaaba, Director of Tree Aid who made this known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency also lamented on the long period of dry weather conditions experienced in the region  and urged all to take part in protecting the environment and reverse climate change impact.

Aside the  target of 150, 000 trees Tree Aid is to support the  implementation of the Green Ghana Project as its contribution to the Green  Ghana agenda of  Government.

He indicated that a request  to the Forestry Commission (FC) have been made  for  supply of trees to be distributed  to beneficiaries in the communities to plant and protect them.

“It is for everybody to help because climate change impact is on all of us and we are experiencing drought because it is not raining and therefore everybody should contribute to mitigate the impact and reverse the trend.

“We need to find ways to reverse things in view of the erratic rainfall pattern through  adaptation strategies  to survive in the dry weather condition”. He urged.

Responding to how stray animals were left to feed on the young trees , he advised  all Rearers to find ways to prevent this  so that everyone will reap the benefits of a green environment ,especially where the upper East Region is suffering most in  climate variability.

He also urged communities directly under the project to double up efforts and acknowledged  efforts women did in the protection of trees under the afforestation project.

“Water bodies are drying up, underground recharge is slow and women have to compete for the same boreholes available which do not produce enough.

To reduce the challenge on women, he said under the project, tricycles had been supplied to the women  to mitigate the challenge of searching for water for use and watering their trees.

In 2020 tree Aid under the Bongo afforestation project  planted 55,000 trees along the Vea dam to protect the edges of the dam from siltation with  support from Bleu Deal  project.

By Fatima Anafu-Astanga


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