Trees play fundamental role in climate change

Ho Social Trees Planet

Mrs. Emily Adevor, Project Facilitator of Adaklu/Agotime Cluster of Frontline Church Partners (FCPs) on Friday said trees support life and keep the natural balance of the planet.

Ho Social Trees Planet“A single tree has the ability to remove 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air,” she noted.

Mrs. Adevor said this at Adaklu Kodzobi when she joined pupils and teachers of Adaklu Kodzobi Basic Schools, Child Development Workers and Church Partnership Committee members of Yayra Child Development Centre of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Adaklu Kodzobi to commemorate this year’s Green Ghana Day.

She was of the view that climate containing climate change was also about public health because the same sources of emissions that cause global warming also produced pollutants that damage the health of humans.

The Project Facilitator therefore noted that trees played a fundamental role in climate change and need to be protected.

She said that CIG in response to the President’s call and in fulfillment of its environmental stewardship drive, was in partnership with its Church partners planting 19,000 tree seedlings across the regions of Ghana.

Mrs. Adevor pledged the commitment of CIG “to nurture and monitor the seedling we plant to grow to meaningfully contribute to the preservation of our environment”.

She said CIG believed in the preservation of the environment adding that environmental stewardship was an important part of enabling children and youth to thrive and realized their God given potentials.

Mrs. Adevor appealed to the pupils and teachers at the school to take interest in planting the trees to mark the day and be passionate about nurturing them to grow.

By Emmanuel Nyatsikor


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