Unlocking Africa’s Agricultural Potential: The Cold Chain Solution

FARMERCY Coldstores & Logistics,

Across the fertile lands of Ghana, a staggering 30% of farmers’ backbreaking work quite literally rots away before ever reaching the market. The culprit? A severe lack of cold storage infrastructure and agro-transportation tailored for smallholder agriculture. But one pioneering agritech venture is reversing this wasteful paradigm – unlocking Africa’s immense agricultural potential.

FARMERCY Coldstores & Logistics,FARMERCY Coldstores & Logistics, a post-harvest solution brand of Farmercy Technologies Ltd., has innovated a sustainable, community-driven solution that’s transforming the continent’s food supply chains from farm to market. Their breakthrough cold rooms and agro-logistics platform empower smallholder farmers to maximize crop yields, boost incomes, and pave the way for economic prosperity.

“We’re revolutionizing the entire agricultural ecosystem in Ghana and beyond,” declares founder and CEO Fred Owusu Achia. “Our cold chain provides the missing link connecting rural harvests to urban consumption centers profitably and sustainably.”

Affordable Cold Storage Optimized by AI

At the heart of FARMERCY’s model are decentralized cold rooms that ingeniously repurpose domestic air conditioning units into ultra-affordable, solar-powered crop storage optimized by AI temperature controls.

“Our FARMERCY COLD technology builds cold rooms at 70% lower cost yet equal effectiveness to conventional models,” explains Emelia Agyemang Yeboah, Embedded Systems Engineer. “This affordability makes the units viable even for smallholder farmers.”

Locating cold rooms in major farming communities allows produce to be quickly stored after harvesting. FARMERCY is piloting their first cold room hub in Nsawam, Eastern Region.

But the innovation extends far beyond just storage.

Integrated Agro-Logistics

FARMERCY provides an integrated agro-logistics service to make their cold chain solution truly comprehensive and streamlined.

Refrigerated truck fleets collect harvests directly from remote farms and deliver them to FARMERCY’s cold storage facilities. Digital systems track real-time inventory, while re-cooled shipments are continuously shuttled between rural providers and urban markets on an optimized schedule.

“We’ve built an ecosystem linking cold storage hubs with specialized refrigerated agro-freight and digital management to maintain the cold chain gate-to-plate,” explains Chief Technical Officer William Dadzie-Rhule. “It’s this total agro-logistics platform that unlocks new value opportunities.”

Life-Changing Economic and Environmental Impact

The impacts of FARMERCY’s cold chain solution ripple across economic, environmental, and social spheres.

Direct from the field, the startup’s team witnessed how a lack of cold storage and refrigerated transport perpetuates cycles of poverty.

  • In Nyamebekyere village, one farmer harvested 8 large crop sacks but could only sell 1 sack locally before over 80% spoiled.
  • A single mother selling at Nsawam Market lost all 2 crates of tomatoes in just one sweltering weekend without cold storage—a major income hit.
  • Even the “Tomato Queen” distributor saw 70 crates rot after a 3-day transportation delay not designed for perishables.

Aggregated across Ghana, such post-harvest losses strip billions from the agricultural economy annually, wasting labour and resources and perpetuating food insecurity.

“Our solar-powered cold chain solution addresses every pain point,” states Chief Operating Officer Agnes Tobyarmo. “Reducing food losses from 30% to under 5% while raising smallholder incomes by 25–30% unlocks transformative community impacts.”

Towards an Empowered, Sustainable Future 

FARMERCY’s revolutionary model catalyzes economic empowerment for marginalized rural communities, drives food security, and mitigates environmental harm from agricultural waste.

“We’re shaping a more nourished, sustainable continent,” declares Chief Marketing Officer Gabriel Arhin, “one cold room and refrigerated agro-truck at a time.”

However, FARMERCY’s ambitions are even greater. Their collaborative, community-centered ethos emphasizes inclusivity and expertise-sharing partnerships – like their collaboration with the Kosmos Innovation Center.

This agritech pioneer welcomes investors, stakeholders, and innovators to join the quest to upgrade Ghana’s agricultural value chain into a 21st century model of socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

To learn more or get involved in supporting FARMERCY’s mission, contact farmercytechnologies@gmail.com or +233 59 859 2141.


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