Venture Z startup competition for entrepreneurs (up to 30, 000 SAR)

Venture Z startup competition for entrepreneurs

Deadline:1st December,2023

Venture-Z is an exciting and dynamic startup competition that offers aspiring entrepreneurs from Generation Z an incredible platform to showcase their innovative business ideas and make a lasting impact on society. Organized as part of the prestigious 2nd International Conference on Sustainability: Developments and Innovations (ICSDI) 2024, Venture-Z brings together the brightest minds and visionary thinkers who are passionate about creating a better future.

Venture Z startup competition for entrepreneurs Tracks

This track focuses on startups that bring innovative solutions in mechanical, civil, electrical, or environmental engineering fields. It encompasses areas such as advanced materials, energy systems, infrastructure development, and environmental technologies.

  • Track 1:| Engineering Innovations

This track is dedicated to startups that incorporate sustainable practices and principles into their business models. It includes areas such as sustainable supply chains, green manufacturing, eco-friendly products, and renewable energy ventures.

  • Track 2:| Sustainable Business Ventures

This track is specifically designed for startups that address environmental challenges and offer sustainable solutions. It covers areas such as pollution control, waste management, water and air quality improvement, and environmental monitoring technologies.

  • Track 3:| Environmental Solutions

This track is open to startups that combine business innovation with social impact. It includes initiatives that tackle social issues, promote inclusivity, empower communities, and contribute to sustainable development goals.

  • Track 4:| Social Entrepreneurship

This track centers on startups that contribute to the development of future cities through innovative urban planning, smart infrastructure, sustainable transportation, IoT-enabled urban solutions, AI-driven urban management systems, and sustainable urban development practices.


We believe in recognizing and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of our participants. We are excited to announce the awards for the top three startups in the competition who will receive will receive prestigious awards along with financial support from Prince Sultan University, as follow:

The 1st place winner | 30, 000 SAR

The 2nd place winner | 20, 000 SAR

The 3rd place winner | 10, 000 SAR


The Venture-Z Startup Competition is open to aspiring entrepreneurs and startup teams from diverse backgrounds and industries. Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Must have a viable business idea or an early-stage startup.

  • Individuals or teams can participate (team size restrictions is 5 members).

  • International participants are welcome.

For more information and application.


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