Why is the average age of an American farmer 59 and rising ?

Paul Greive Founder @Pasturebird, USMC War Veteran, UCLA
Founder @Pasturebird,
USMC War Veteran, UCLA
Why is the average age of an American farmer 59 and rising? Why is there a pandemic of farmers’ kids not wanting to return to the family farm? Some argue it’s financial (poverty, debt), some say the work is too hard. But what about innovation? Could it be that the current farming models are boring and uninspiring? That it’s not as enjoyable as it was for your grandparents? That it (literally) stinks?
Paul Greive Founder @Pasturebird, USMC War Veteran, UCLAI think you are seeing, and will continue to see, a mass influx of young new talent (especially female and military veteran) flow into regenerative agriculture, organic systems, and innovative farming. Some will be green, some will have grown up on industrial farms. They’ll come from all walks of life, all industries – because innovation and solving big problems is FUN for the right people.

Innovation has always attracted the best and brightest. Look at Tesla, Shopify, Google. People work their asses off at these places and often make less than their peers because they feel these companies are changing the world for the better.
The big question is – will they be rejected and written off as fringe? Or will the old guard take the time to listen, value, teach, and build an exciting new future together?🐓 by Pasturebird’s solar powered autonomous 6,000 bird mobile coop, the ARC. Designed and built in San Diego. Fun as it looks to walk through it.
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