Women Techsters Cohort 2.1 Bootcamp

Women Techsters Cohort 2.1 Bootcamp

Women Techsters Cohort 2.1 BootcampThe Women Techsters Bootcamp strives to provide adequate learning opportunities for participants to develop relevant coding skills, jump-start careers, or fill in knowledge gaps from emerging technologies. It is going to be a 3-week introductory class for girls and women aged between 16 to 40 years in one of five learning tracks – Product Design, Product Management, Software Development, Data Science, and Cybersecurity.

P.S: Only women in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, DR Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, South Sudan, Morocco, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, and Madagascar should apply.

P.S: Only applicants with an active microsoft outlook email account will be considered for this Cohort. Go to account.microsoft.com, select Sign in, and then choose Create one. Do not click on “use a phone number or get new email address”.

Women Techsters Bootcamp Application requires that you take a basic digital literacy assessment which would be found in the next section of this form.

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Apply: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=2wYhaHuaNUu5oIhHM4XWz8iOKTI-VPdBrttVOLENCb9UMEo5ODA4U0FGVVRQOFVWRU1OSVg2TkJNMS4u


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