Assembly to start activities to reduce over dependence on trees


Mr Ayinga Abagre Yakubu, the Binduri District Chief Executive (DCE), has reaffirmed the Assembly’s plans to support women in the district to engage in income earning activities to reduce over dependence on trees for domestic use and charcoal production.

CharcoalHe said many people in the area had taken to charcoal selling as a business hence the continuous felling of trees from the forests and woodlots for production of charcoal.

This, he said, was worrying and the Assembly was encouraging the people to redirect their energies into other income earning ventures.

Mr Abagre made this known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Bazua to find out what the Assembly was doing to support and complement the Green Ghana Project in the area.

He called on the Forestry Commission and environmental NGOs operating in the district and the Upper East Region to increase their efforts at growing trees and ensuring their survival, “There is no need to plant trees today and tomorrow you cut them,” he added.

He urged all who were into charcoal business to stop felling trees and collaborate with the Assembly to plan out other lucrative businesses they could undertake.

The DCE said a mechanism would be put in place to also ensure that workers at the assembly planted trees around the buildings and nurtured them to grow well as a test case for all to emulate in their various homes.

He indicated that the Assembly’s By-Laws would be implemented to deter people from felling trees without a permit.

Meanwhile reports indicate that exploitation of trees in the forest areas in the Bawku enclave was having serious climate impact on the people living in those Savannah areas.

The Bawku enclave of the savannah zone covers eight forest reserves, which include the Red Volta, Zawse plantation, Upper Tamne block and Moragu plantation, and the others are the Bazua Bridge and Bagumbu extension.

On the commemoration of the second phase of 2022 Green Ghana Day, Mr Emmanuel Omane, the Officer in charge of the Bawku Forest Division said 50,000 trees were planted in the forest areas, covering 10,000 trees in the Upper Tamne dam block two, 20,000 planted in block three and 20,000 of them in block four.

By Fatima Anafu- Astanga


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