German Embassy South Africa Micro Project Scheme (Funding: up to 25.000 Euro)

Microprojects - Hamba Bamba Funda © German Embassy Pretoria
Microprojects - Hamba Bamba Funda © German Embassy Pretoria

Deadline: 15th April 2024.

With the Micro-Project-Scheme the German Embassy seeks to support NGOs / NPOs and other civil society actors which support marginalised, and impoverished communities or communities in transition.

Microprojects - Hamba Bamba Funda© German Embassy Pretoria
Microprojects – Hamba Bamba Funda
© German Embassy Pretoria

The focus of the support is on the following sectors in South Africa:

  • Women’s Rights
  • Anti-Discrimination of any kind
  • Just Energy Transition
  • Local Economic Development/Alternative Livelihoods


Funding of up to 25.000 Euro could be granted.

Application Process

The following documents/information should be submitted as a form of application for funding to ​​​​​​​

– An official application form, dated and signed by two persons responsible for the project, stating the project title and the amount of funds applied for.

  • Valid Passports or any other form of official identification of the two persons signing the form as the responsible personnel for the project.

The following detailed information of the project must be provided:

  • The exact location/address of where the project will take place provided the project will take place at a different address to the one already provided above about the NPO
  • A detailed statement about the current situation/problems the project wishes to address
  • Information of efforts that have been undertaken so far to realise the project
  • A detail description of the development policy objective
  • Detailed information of measures that are to be taken in order to improve the described problem /situation
  • Own contributions, in money or by manpower
  • Estimated project time frame (project needs to be finished within the same year)
  • Declaration of possible follow-up costs/running costs (to be covered by beneficiary) once the project has been completed successfully, if any

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