Kadjebi Department of Agriculture organised a farmers’ field day at Asato

Social Farming Demonstration

The Kadjebi District Office of the Department of Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with Yara Ghana Ltd. and ADAMA West African Limited, has organised a farmers’ field day at Asato in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region.

Social Farming DemonstrationSpeaking at the event, Mr Besa Akpalu, the District Director of Food and Agriculture, said the event was meant to demonstrate to the farmers the importance of using mulching in crop production, especially for vegetable cultivation.

He said it was also to sensitise them on the importance and benefits of zero tillage, the importance of biological control of nematodes using African Marigold and the benefits of micronutrient fertilizer.

He said mulching helps conserve soil moisture, control weeds and protect the soil from the direct impact of sun and rain.

The District Director said the practice also aids to control soil temperature, and provides soil flora and fauna with nutrients, hence increasing their population.

Mr Akpalu, who disclosed these to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview at Kadjebi, said the technique also prevents soil erosion, improves soil structure and soil ion exchange capacity, and improved soil health.

On biological control, he said nematodes were a great challenge to vegetable production in the Kadjebi District, however, to cultivate it in a more synthetically chemical-free environment; the Department is continuously introducing biological control of nematodes using African marigold.

He said the farmers were introduced to zero tillage, an environmentally friendly and sustainable land used method to help in crop growth and development and also encourage dry season vegetable production

Mr Osman Saka, an Agronomist with Yara Ghana Ltd., a leading name in fertilizer manufacturing, said fertilizer gave 13 nutrients to crops for normal growth and development.

He stressed the need for the use of crop-specific fertilizer for development.

Miss Mildred Quaye of ADAMA West Africa Ltd said there was now a weedicide for maize called Super Nichogan and Rice called Flitzer, which are selective for maize and rice respectively.

The farmers were very happy and, therefore, requested more of such exposure.

By Daniel Agbesi Latsu, GNA


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