Prices of food soar in Tamale

food items

Food prices continue to rise in Tamale as prices recorded this month are higher than those of last month.

food itemsA bowl of soybean last month which was sold for GH₵12, was now going for GH₵20, while a bowl of maize was now sold for GH₵1 was GH₵8 last month.

A bowl of groundnut which was sold for GH₵15 in April increased by Ghc2 and now sold for GH₵17 in the month of May.

Three tubers of big sized yam which sold for GH₵35.00 is now selling for GH₵45.00

Half bowl of a small sized paint container of tomatoes was now sold for GH₵25.00 as against GHc20. 00 last month

A gallon of Zomi (palm oil) was now sold for GH₵70 as against GHc 65 last month, while a bowl of millet was now sold for GH₵12 as against GH₵11 last month.

A crate of big sized eggs last month went for GH₵32, and now going for GH₵ 35, while the medium size was GH₵28 last month was no GH₵33 this month.

By Comfort Sena Fetrie-Akagbor, GNA


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