Returning to rural roots

Returning to rural roots

Youth unemployment rates in Tunisia are high. The Béja region is among those most affected by youth unemployment. Young men and women tend to abandon rural areas in search of opportunities in the cities or abroad. 

This video presents the stories of Ines Messaoudi and Mohamed Ali Gaidi, who decided to come back and make a difference.

They participated in the Agri-accelerator Hub, which trained more than a hundred young agri-entrepreneurs between 18 and 40 years on how to design responsible investments in agriculture and food systems.

This project was funded by the FAO´s Flexible Voluntary Contribution (FVC). In more than 80 countries, this FAO’s initiative empowers rural communities, improves their livelihoods and food security, and promotes inclusive agrifood systems.

Read the World Food Day story of Ines Messaoudi here:…



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