Women in Food and Agriculture Mentorship Program

Women in Food and Agriculture

The WFA Mentorship Program is back! We’re now accepting applications for 2023. 

Deadline: 1 February, 2023

Women in Food and Agriculture Over 340 people from across the globe joined us in 2022 to support women wanting to grow their careers further within the food and agriculture sector. This year, we are opening our program to even more! From farmers to CEOs, Scientists to AgTech, everyone is welcome to help us shape the future for women. 

You can join us by either:

Finding a mentor to help with your personal and professional development


Becoming a mentor to support the next generation of leaders in our industry 

By joining us for only one hour a month, you could help grow gender diversity across the food and agriculture industry!

How does it work?

Applications for mentors and mentees are now open!  

If you want to be considered for the first cohort we will need you to apply before 1st February. We then embark on a detailed process of matchmaking using all the information you’ve provide.  

So, the more you tell us, the more likely you are to be paired! 

How much time should I allot for mentorship meetings?

There is a degree of flexibility here, but we suggest monthly 30-60 minute meetings.  

We will also have quarterly meetings to support our mentors and mentees that will be around an hour.  

 With an average of around an hour every month, we think taking part in the scheme is achievable for even the busiest, senior people to join the programme.

What you need to know

Be the change you want to see by supporting women in our industry and championing their career progression. You’ll be able to:

  • Develop your skills in the area of coaching and managing
  • Take the opportunity to reflect on your own development and growth
  • Build your own confidence and self-esteem by providing support to others
  • Grow connections in our industry
  • Experience rewarding interactions and get to know the next generation of leaders of food and ag
  • Establish new industry contacts
  • Know a perspectives different to your own

What makes a good mentor?

You do not have to be a senior-level executive (or a woman)! We are looking for people at all levels and backgrounds to provide insights and guidance, and we will ensure that you have more experience than your mentee.

Mentor applicants should:

  • Be a good listener
  • Be an honest and open person who is willing to share your expertise
  • Have at least one year of experience in the food and ag sector
  • Be someone who can dedicate 1 hour per month to connect with your counterpart
  • Ideally possess some leadership or management experience

For meaningful change to be possible, the conversation itself must be inclusive. We therefore welcome men to apply as mentors and become advocates for workplace equity.

Should I be a mentee?

As a mentee, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will provide you with advice and support to develop your career. When submitting your application, you are able to select mentor preferences. You should apply to become a mentee if you would like to:

  • Gain the support of those who have overcome the same challenges that you face
  • Get advice on career progression and how to promote yourself
  • Explore new ideas and identify opportunities for yourself
  • Build connections in our industry


  1. Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana and is a very good initiative which is coming to help women and I endorse it and I would like to take part in it thank you


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