Women of the South Speak Out (WOSSO) Fellowship

Women of the South Speak Out (WOSSO) Fellowship

Deadline: Varies

Women of the South Speak Out, is a consortium formed by two prominent Southern Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) –Gender Links, Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) and a renowned UK-based development firm, Mannion Daniels. The consortium members were brought together by shared feminist values and a deep concern regarding the narrowing civic space, particularly for women and girls.

Women of the South Speak Out (WOSSO) FellowshipWOSSO will offer fellowships to women’s rights advocates from the Global South (Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Latin America and the Caribbean (LATAC), Asia and the Pacific).

Fellows will participate in activities as outlined in their advocacy plans, creating linkages from local to regional levels. An advocacy plan is a strategic document that outlines specific goals, objectives and actions to advocate for a particular cause or issue. It typically includes a description of the issues being addressed, target audiences, desired outcomes, strategies to achieve these outcomes, and a timeline of implementation. The fellowships will aim to equip advocates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and capacity to engage in effective advocacy for gender equality.


  • The fellowship includes a grant ranging from GBP 1000 to GBP 2000 paid in tranches against the advocacy plan and agreed milestones, as well as participation in at least one regional conference.
  • Participation in global conferences is subject to the nature of the advocacy initiative, logistics and other considerations. Fellows will be expected to participate in general on-boarding for the programme; briefing and debriefing on events they participate in; and to contribute to peer linking and learning. Fellows will have the option of being involved in research being undertaken by WOSSO as part of their learning. It is hoped that Fellows will remain in the WOSSO network, after the completion of their fellowships, and be willing to mentor Fellows that come after them.


WOSSO Fellows will be drawn from civil society organisations or networks that focus on women’s rights or have a demonstrated commitment to women’s rights.

The fellowship is open to young women advocates between the ages of 18 and 35 from the Global South.

Duration of fellowship
The fellowship will run over a period of 18 months, however, the start and end dates will differ based on regions.
• Africa – April 2024 to September 2025
• Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – June 2024 to March 2025
• Asia and the Pacific – TBC
• Latin America and the Caribbean (LATAC) – September 2024 to March 2025

Application Deadline
• Africa – All applications should be received by midnight 10 May 2024 South Africa Standard Time (SAST) or GMT+02:00
• Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – All applications should be received by midnight 12 May 2024 – GMT+02:00
• Asia and the Pacific – All applications should be received by 8 August 2024 Malaysia Standard Time (MST) or GMT+08:00
• Latin America and the Caribbean (LATAC) – All applications should be received by 20 September 2024 Central Standard Time (CST) or GMT-06:00

For more information and application (Africa – Application form / MENA – Application form )


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